Sportsbet Regulatory Reporting

OverviewSportsbet is Australia’s leading online wagering company, providing customers with excitement through horse racing and sports betting. The company has been a leader in the industry for over 20 years and leverages data analytics to make informed business decisions and provide insights to stakeholders.
Problem Sportsbet needed to accelerate its finance compliance reporting processes to meet industry standards while maintaining accuracy and quality. The company aimed to leverage the world's most advanced technology and cloud platform to achieve this goal.
Solution Our consulting firm partnered with Sportsbet's data team to analyze and source data, including customer betting activities, finance metrics, and machine learning models. We began by gathering and cleaning data, followed by running workshops to get a clear picture of the process roadmap.Our team helped to model the required data into Sportsbet's new cloud platform and implemented Spark's expression-based calculation models to simplify various, complex fee structure calculations. We also provided training to the finance team on the new platform.
Results By implementing the new technology and calculation models, we helped Sportsbet reduce the monthly reporting process from five days to one day. This significant improvement gave the finance team more time to meet their compliance-reporting deadlines and focus on other important tasks.
Conclusion Our consulting firm worked closely with Sportsbet's data team and finance team to gather information and transform complex and massive information into simple, easy-to-use data for accelerating their business to meet its compliance requirements. Our partnership and expertise in data analytics helped Sportsbet streamline its processes and achieve its goals.